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O’Briens Roofing & Guttering offers an extensive range of Dublin flat roof services including flat roof repairs, installation, & maintenance services.


Flat roofing is ever-growing in popularity, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional pitched roofing. With advancements in roofing technology and techniques, flat roofing is suitable for a wide range of properties as well as for extensions and home renovations.

Here at O’Briens Roofing & Guttering, we have decades of experience offering flat roof installation, repairs, and maintenance services for clients across Dublin. Whether you need a leak fixed on your fibreglass flat roof or would like to have a new flat roof installed on a home extension, we’d be happy to help.

Our years of industry experience combined with a passion for providing quality customer service means that we are leaders in the Dublin roofing industry, offering roofing services that you can rely on.

Interested in learning more about our full range of Dublin flat roof services? Contact the team today


O’Briens Roofing & Guttering offers a wide range of Dublin flat roof services to ensure that your property remains safe, secure, and weather-proof all year round.

From full installation services to repairs, maintenance, and everything in between, O’Briens Roofing & Guttering is your one-stop-shop for all things flat roofing in Dublin.

Our range of flat roof services include:


Flat Roof Installation
Flat Roof Maintenance
Flat Roof Repairs
Flat Roof Leak Repairs
Flat Roof Water-Proofing
Flat Roof Relining
Flat Roof Heat Retention
Skylight Installation

To avail of high-quality flat roof services across Dublin and the surrounding areas, contact our team today

Flat Roofs FAQ

Do flat roofs leak?

While old-style flat roofs had a reputation for being leaky, newer flat roofs are just as weather-proof as traditional pitched roofs. Here at O’Briens Roofing & Guttering, our flat roofs are fitted with high-quality materials and working drainage systems to ensure no leaks.

How much does it cost to get a flat roof put on my home?

The price of flat roof installation varies depending on the type of flat roof you require and the size you need. Get in touch with our team for a free quote on our full range of flat roof options.

Do you fix leaks in flat roofs?

Yes, we provide full Dublin flat roof leak repair services.

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